Quality Approach

Roberts Brown abides by the professional standards of both the Australasian Evaluation Society (AES) and the Australian Market and Social Researchers Society (AMSRS). The specific documents outlining the standards are:

We apply a consistent approach to quality across all of our projects. The first stage is an agreed approach with the client to achieving the intent of the project and meeting the project specifications. We ensure that the research methods are credible and our processes are transparent. The agreed approach is carefully deployed in a way that is sensitive to possible consequences. The deployment processes are fully documented to provide an audit trail. All material produced is subjected to a peer review process and editing.

We also welcome submitting our work to a peer review (or technical review) process in which a third party reviews our work to provide assurance to the client of the quality.

All projects are reviewed to assess their effectiveness and utility for the client. The aim of the review is to identify areas for future improvement in our processes and products. Review processes include formal feedback from the client and the extent of repeat business.