Dr Chris Sarra,
Director Strong Smart Solutions

Chris has dedicated almost 30 years to improving Indigenous education outcomes. He has worked in classrooms as a teacher, for the Education Department in regional offices and central office, as an Executive Director and Senior Lecturer in university education faculties, as school principal and as founding Director of the Stronger Smarter Institute. He has:

  • Co-Chaired the Structural Review of the Northern Territory Department of Education and Training (2009)
  • Chaired Victorian College of Koorie Education Review VCOKE (2006)
  • Chaired the Indigenous Education Review (2004) for the Ministerial Council for Education Renewal.
  • Conducted consultation and evaluation workshops for the Queensland Dept Family and Community Services in response to Carmody report recommendations on Child and Family Support for Indigenous communities

Chris has a number of publications including:

  • Sarra, C. (2012) Good Morning Mr Sarra: My Life Working for a Stronger Smarter future for Our Children. Brisbane, UQ Press
  • Sarra, C. (2011) Strong and smart: Towards a Pedagogy for Emancipation; Education for First Peoples. London, Routledge.
  • Sarra, C. (2007) "Armed for Success", Griffith Review: Getting Smart, 11  
  • Sarra, C. (2007) Embracing the challenge of leadership in Indigenous education. Australian Council for Educational Research Conference, Sebel Albert Park, Melbourne
  • Sarra, C. (2005) Strong and smart: reinforcing aboriginal perceptions of being aboriginal at Cherbourg state school, PhD thesis, Murdoch University
  • Sarra, C. (2004). Strong and Smart, New Internationalist, January/February edition on Equality. http://www.newint.org, pp 14-15.
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  • Sarra, C. (1998). 'Aboriginality' University of Southern Queensland, Kumbari/Ngurpai Lag, Australian Indigenous Studies: Unit 80 1 46 Readings. Reading 2.4.
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