Selected publications and papers by David Roberts

2016, It ain't necessarily so': eliciting hidden knowledge and the role of schemata in data collection, Evaluation Journal of Australasia, Vol 16, No 4, pp. 4-13

2016, Insight through Uncertainty: A review of the literature on the effects of cognitive processes and schema on responses to elicitation ('projective') techniques in evaluation and research interviews, Masters thesis submitted to the University of Melbourne

2012, Understanding the Subjective: Eliciting Hidden Meaning, Paper presented to the American Evaluation Society Conference, Minneapolis, USA

2011, What is going on? How do cognitive processes affect information gathered in research interviews, Paper presented to the Australasian Evaluation Society Conference, Sydney

2010, Understanding through Uncertainty, Proceedings of the Australasian Evaluation Society Conference, Wellington, NZ
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2005, Recreating Experience: Improving the validity of data, Evaluation Journal of Australasia, Vol. 4, 1 & 2: 44-51, March/April

1997, Community Participation in the ACT, Proceedings of the ACT Council of Social Service Conference, Canberra, ACTCOSS

1994, Participatory Models of Evaluation, Proceedings of the Australasian Evaluation Society International Conference, Canberra, Australasian Evaluation Society

1993, Localities Versus Programmes in the Human Services, paper presented to the National Social Policy Conference.

1992, Consumer Participation, Health and Social Welfare Council News, Adelaide SA Health Commission.